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Texas A&M Ergo Center

What is the Ergo Center?

Through cutting edge research, the Texas A&M Ergonomics Center provides expertise to partners who require highly-technical and experienced health and safety professionals to solve complex problems. Specifically, the Ergo Center provides

  • safety and ergonomic assessments
  • process development
  • implementation and evaluation
  • develops and applies ergonomic designs and interventions
  • assesses actual and prototypical workplaces using human modeling systems
  • provides experienced and professional expert witnesses
  • product validation

The Center also educates future health and safety professionals, working with them to find internships prior to graduation, conduct extensive literature reviews, develop experimental designs, and conduct pilot studies that foster the health and safety of working professionals.
The Center also provides continuing education and professional development courses, like the Remote Worker Certification, for working professionals.



We expertly provide practical, solution-based outreach and perform cutting edge research while fostering the success of health and safety professionals.


We improve worker safety and health through cutting edge research, education and outreach.

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