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January 2024

Mark Benden elected to 2023 National Academy of Inventors | Texas A&M Vital Record | Dr. Mark Benden

December 2023

Developments in AI in the Workplace | Brazos Matters | Dr. Mark Benden

July 2023 

Examining workweek variations in computer usage patterns: An application of ergonomic monitoring software | Plos One | Dr. Taehyun Roh, et al.

Summer 2023 

Will Virtual Reality Help Us Thrive in Life and Work | Spirit | Dr. Mark Benden and Dr. Jay Maddock

April 2023 

Applied Ergonomics Student of the Year Award | Applied Ergonomics Conference | Dr. Kaysey Aguilar

February 2023 

Improving Public Health Worker Self-care and Individual Safety During and After a Pandemic | Texas A&M Vital Record | Dr. Mark Benden, Dr. Camille Peres, Dr. Adam Pickens, Dennis Johnson, Martha Parker.

November 2022  

Fatigue, Health Issues on the Rise In Agricultural Industry | Texas A&M Today | Dr. David Douphrate

September 2022  

The Texas A&M Ergo Center Wants to Change the Way Humans Work | Texas A&M Today

June 2022  

Texas A&M Ergo Center, Nokia Team Up to Improve Remote Worker Ergonomics | Texas A&M Today |  Dr. Mark Benden and Kasey Aguilar, PhD Candidate

May 2022  

Texas A&M Living Well | Road Trip Redo: Vehicle Ergonomics | (Access Password: 3t..Awq&) 

Remote Work Doesn’t Negatively Affect Productivity, Study Suggests | Texas A&M Today | Dr. Mark Benden et al.  

April 2022 

New algorithm takes both complexity and risk out of written procedures | Research @ Texas A&M | Dr. Camille Peres et al.  

March 2022 

Mark E. Benden ‘90 combines his passion for teaching and ergonomics to train future generations | Vital Record | Dr. Mark Benden 

Parker and Aguilar featured in Applied Ergonomics Society newsletter  
In the latest Ergo Connections newsletter edition from the Applied Ergonomics Society (AES) Martha Parker, MS, CPE, was named as a new AES board member. In addition to Parker's board announcement, doctoral candidate Kaysey Aguilar, MPH, CHES, shared the benefits of attending the Young Professional and Student Skills Workshop at the 2022 Applied Ergonomics Conference. The workshop will look at different ergonomic careers, the history and the future of ergonomics, the role of diversity and inclusion in ergonomics, and effective, no-stress networking.   

February 2022 

The Air Quality In Your Home May Be Worse Than In Your Office Building | Texas A&M Today | Dr. Genny Carrillo  

Air quality at the Office May Be Better Than at Home | FOX TV Digital | Dr. Genny Carrillo  

Martha Parker was elected to a 3-year term on the Board of Directors for the Applied Ergonomics Society. AES is dedicated to the support of the ergonomics profession and individuals involved with improving workplace performance, quality, sustainability and employee availability. 

January 2022 

#AppliedErgo2022: Ergonomics to keep workers safe at home | Problem Solved: The IISE Podcast | Dr. Mark Benden 

December 2021 

Dr. Mark Benden was named to the National Safety Council Advisory Council, composed of multi-sector group to help solve the most common workplace injuries.  

November 2021 

A passion for employee safety and diversity and inclusion has propelled Aja Ladson into a successful global career | Vital Record | Former Student 

October 2021 

Mark Benden, PhD, CPE, IDSA Joins the Furniture Section | INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS SOCIETY OF AMERICA | Dr. Mark Benden 

September 2021

NIOSH Training Grant Awardees

August 2021 

Congratulations to doctoral student Kaysey Aguilar on being awarded a $10,000 grant by the Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health’s Pilot Projects Research Training Program! Aguilar is a current DrPH student advised by Dr. Mark E. Benden CPE. This support will allow her to conduct a research project as part of her dissertation to evaluate the effects of long-term remote work on traditional office workers’ productivity, health and musculoskeletal discomfort.  

July 2021 

What Happens to Your Body After a Year Inside? | Outside Magazine| Dr. Mark Benden 

An Aggie’s guide to safe, hot summer | The Battalion | Dr. Adam Pickens 

Ariana Ince: wide receiver, cornerback, pole vaulter and now Olympic javelin star | The Houston Chronicle | Former Student 

Texas A&M Rescue Robotics Expert Shares Observations From Surfside | Texas A&M Today | Dr. Camille Peres 

May 2021 

Working From Home - Ergo Tips to Increase Productivity While Reducing Body Stressors | WORKPLACE INJURY PREVENTION - A FIT FOR WORK PODCAST | Dr. Mark Benden 

March 2021 

Three Reasons Why Sitting at Your Desk is Killing You | New You | Dr. Mark Benden 

February 2021 

5 Ideas for Students to Boost Their Studying Performance |The Fox Magazine | Dr. Mark Benden 

Dr. Mark Benden joins INDEAL Cares Advisory Council that brings together health and wellness leaders whose collective knowledge and deep real-world experience serve to advance health and well-being of employees within the commercial furniture industry. 

December 2020 

Dr. Mark Benden and Martha Parker spoke with Martha & I had a chance recently to be were interviewed by Business of Furniture about advice on home office setups. Read the article. (Link to the PDF) 

'Dead Butt Syndrome' Is A Real Thing. Here's How To Tell If You Have It | Huff Post | Dr. Mark Benden 

October 2020 

Air Purifiers, Fans, and Filters: A COVID-19 Explainer for Schools | Education Week | Dr. Mark Benden 

Ergonomics for Adults | KBTX Media | Dr. Adam Pickens 

Ergonomics for Children | KBTX Media | Dr. Adam Pickens 

Ergonomics in the Home Office Part 1 Podcast | LINAK U.S. Inc. | Dr. Mark Benden 

Ergonomics in the Home Office Part 2 Podcast | LINAK U.S. Inc. | Dr. Mark Benden 

July 2020 

How to be an inventor AND seek tenure | Idea 2 Impact Podcast | Texas A&M University Innovation Partners | Dr. Mark Benden 

March 2020 

How To Set Up A Healthy Home Workspace | Texas A&M Today | Martha Parker 

The future of office ergonomics: Standardize or optimize? | ISE Magazine | Dr. Mark Benden 

January 2020 

Professor of environmental and occupational health couples psychology to process design to improve safety | ACS Chemical Health and Safety | Dr. Camille Peres 

December 2019 

How to Create an Ergonomically Correct Workspace | | Dr. Mark Benden 

October 2019 

Sit, Stand & Shake: Adjustability and Ergonomics | Problem Solved IISE Podcast | Dr. Mark Benden 

September 2019 

Computer-based Prompt's impact on postural variability and sit-stand desk usage behavior; a cluster randomized control trial |Applied Ergonomics | Dr. Mark Benden et al. 

July 2019  

Smart Software Can Increase Sit–Stand Desk Transitions During Active Computer Use | International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health | Dr. Adam Pickens, Dr. Mark Benden, et al. 

April 2019 

Classrooms May Soon Shed Dated Desk/Chair Combo | Education Week | Dr. Mark Benden 

February 2019 

The National Academy of Inventors elects Mark Benden, Richard Gomer, Jaime Grunlan, Duncan Maitland, Richard Miles and Stephen Safe to its inaugural class | Texas A&M Today | Dr. Mark Benden 

Why students shouldn’t be forced to spend so much time sitting at desks in class | The Washington Post | Dr. Mark Benden 

January 2019 

The Revolutionary Study That Made Hundreds Of People Get Active At Work | Men’s Health | Dr. Parag Sharma 

November 2018 

What’s Missing in Schools? A Culture of Movement | TODAY Parenting Team | Dr. Mark Benden 


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